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About Us

Our vision is to bring authentic Japanese cuisine to the Framingham. Now, you can have a taste of Japan without having to travel. At Aoi, we only source the freshest and highest quality of ingredients. We take pride in our service and are always looking to provide the best customer experience!

Our Vision

At Aoi we bring Japan to the Framingham area. We believe that Japanese cuisine should enjoyed around the world with friends and family!   

Our Services

Dine In

Due to COVID-19, there is limited seating. Our location in Framingham provides dine in option for our customers. All of our menu options are made to order with exceptional service. We take pride in our food and only provide the freshest and most highest quality Japanese cuisine.

Take Out

For our customers who are short on time, we have a take out option. We provide our whole menu for take out and orders are made on time and fresh. We use the same high quality ingredients as dine in; take out should not sacrifice quality for convenience. 
Online Order
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